Described Video.
On Demand.

We are Zagga Entertainment — a video-on-demand service featuring movies and series with described video. Whether you love a gripping thriller, a probing documentary or a hilarious buddy flick, we’ll feature it on our fully accessible website and mobile apps.

App Features

High-Quality Video Description

First-Rate Content

Accessible Web & Mobile Players

Uncut & Commercial-Free

Welcome to Zagga!

They Kiss. We Tell.

Zagga Entertainment is creating a fully accessible, subscription-based video-on-demand (VOD) service featuring movies and TV shows with described video. Described video—also called descriptive video, audio description or video description—narrates on-screen action in between lines of dialog. Many movie and TV titles are presented with described video and we’re making it easy to find and play described content.

Welcome to Zagga!

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