Described Video-On-Demand – Coming This Fall

They Kiss. We Tell.

Welcome to Zagga Entertainment. We are creating a fully accessible video on demand (VOD) subscription service with first-rate movies and TV shows featuring high-quality described video, uncut and commercial free. Whether you love a gripping thriller with an action-packed car chase, a laugh-out-loud rom com or enlightening documentary, Zagga Entertainment will provide a wide selection of classic movies and TV, as well as newer titles all with described video.

Our worldwide service will be available through an accessible, secure website and mobile app designed to work with screen readers and other assistive technology. We are bringing you closer to your friends and family through great and accessible visual storytelling.

Get in touch with us.

Questions? Follow us on our social media links or send us an e-mail.
Check out the Zagga Newsroom for stories and podcasts about Zagga entertainment and stay tuned for our updates and news about our upcoming launch later this year.

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